About Us

On a summer afternoon in 1917, a mule drawn, wooden wagon arrived at a popular cafeteria in Havana, Cuba. It delivered the first four cases of a new soft drink that would soon be called “The National Beverage.”

Ironbeer is a soft drink founded in Cuba in 1917. In the late 1950’s when the Cuban Government was overtaken by their new leader Fidel Castro, just like many other Cuban companies, Ironbeer moved to Miami, Florida. In the early 1960’s a man with a vision, Pedro Blanco, became the owner of Ironbeer. When Blanco took over the company he immediately doubled sales and income within the first year, but his dream was still not completely fulfilled.

In 1991, Blanco started traveling the United States to find equipment to build a soft drink manufacturing company. His dream was to produce his own line of sodas, and Maltas, at Sunshine Bottling Co. Shortly thereafter, a company by the name of Tropicana came to visit Blanco and asked him to change his direction in the manufacturing company he was building to accommodate a multi-million dollar contract to produce canned juices for them. Being the savvy business man that he was, it was an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Blanco produced Tropicana’s first production, and Tropicana was bought out by Seagrams, and they breached their contract. It would’ve been a huge blow to any other company, door closing for the majority, but not for a company ran by a brilliant man. Blanco made a positive out of a negative and started producing Sunchy Nectars in cans. He later went on to fulfill his dream and was producing his own sodas and Malta by 1995.

Sunshine Bottling Co. is the only beverage manufacturing facility in the Eastern United States with the ability to produce, cold packed products in cans, hot-filled products in cans, and tunnel pasteurized Malta’s in glass and cans, as well as other items tunnel pasteurized in cans.

In 2005, Blanco promoted his son, Carlos Blanco, to President of Sunshine Bottling Co., as well as making his longtime assistant, Teresa Trujillo, Vice-President. At this time Carlos took over the management of the company. In 2007 Teresa started a Private Label Department with the guidance of Blanco, and the direction of Carlos. Sadly, Blanco passed away in 2011, leaving Carlos the sole owner and President of the company.

Today, Sunshine Bottling manufactures not only their diverse line of branded products such as Ironbeer and Lanio Sodas, Sunchy Nectars, and Sunchy Maltas, but also a plethora of private label products for companies such as Bacardi, Sedanos, CVS, Winn-Dixie, Libby’s and many others for different Countries throughout the World. Through the dedication and sacrifice of the Blanco Family and their employees, Sunshine Bottling Co. today; is a multi-million-dollar institution. Yet, we would never be who or where we are without our most important component…YOU, our customer.